Hello again Suresh + Michelle šŸ™‚ Below is your current wedding video HIGHLIGHTS drafts. Please follow the link to your draft. Recently Youtube has given us a lot of trouble with new uploads that have copyright music. So we now upload to our Microsoft Onedrive cloud, and from there you can conveniently download and view your latest video updates šŸ™‚
Please note that your wedding was originally shot in full HD, and the editing project is the same. But for the sake of uploading, I have compressed these draft videos by around 90%, and the resolution is only SD. The final videos will be exported from the HD project at full HD again, so you can enjoy the original quality šŸ™‚

As always, do let me know if you have any questions at all. Iā€™m right here to help šŸ™‚


Please click on this link to see all of the files arranged together.

Michelle + Suresh Highlights HD (Please click to download)

Michelle + Suresh All Raw Footage folders (Please click for access)

Michelle + Suresh 1 Preparations HD
Michelle + Suresh 2 Ceremony HD
Michelle + Suresh 3 Reception HD


Michelle + Suresh HIGHLIGHTS draft
(please click to view / download)

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