Hello again Abhi + Nina 🙂 Below is your current wedding video draft. Please follow the links to your drafts (stored on our Microsoft Onedrive cloud), and there you can conveniently, download, view and refer to them.
Please note that these are drafts. Your wedding was originally shot in full HD, and the editing project is the same. But for the sake of uploading, I have compressed these draft videos by around 90%, and the resolution is only SD. The final videos will be exported from the HD project at full HD again, so you can enjoy the original quality 🙂
Please use the comment section (below) to note any changes or updates you might like to see in your wedding video, especially music 🙂 The best method is to write objective, specific instructions for us to follow, like in these examples:

Feature example notes:
4mins 25secs – please change music to “our favourite song, by our favourite artist“. Here is a youtube link to the exact song we would like you to use: www.youtube/aa.com
16mins 33secs – please add music, “another song, by another artist“. Here is a youtube link to the exact song we would like you to use: www.youtube/bb.com
1hr 25mins 12secs – please remove this shot.
2hr 2mins 58secs – please remove this shot.
2hrs 15mins 25secs – please move this shot to the very start of the ceremony arrival sequence, at 25mins 20secs.

The first round of changes are all completely free 🙂

Besides selecting music for your feature videos, please list 1 or 2 songs for your highlights video. That way I’ll have music options as I cut your highlights. I always find couples have a better idea of their highlights music after viewing their feature videos. Please include youtube links so I know the exact version of the exact song you have in mind.

As always, do let me know if you have any questions at all. I’m right here to help 🙂

Abhi + Nina’s Wedding Feature (Longer Full Length wedding video).
(please click to view/download)

I remember you saying that the priest made the ceremony much longer than you wanted, so I have trimmed down the duration of the formalities as much as possible, without compromising the quality or contents. There were numerous long periods of waiting, during which nobody was doing anything besides waiting, which I cut out. You will see that this doesn’t effect or compromise the religious proceedings. Hopefully it’s much nicer than waiting through long blocks of watching yourselves wait there 🙂
I have also included all of the speeches, cake cutting etc in full real time, as well as your dance 🙂

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